Stefan Arngrim

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Stefan Arngrim
Stefan Arngrim
Portrays: Amphead
Date of Birth: December 23, 1955
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Age: 68
Nationality: CAN CAN
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Stefan Arngrim is the Canadian actor who portrayed a captive aboard the Guardian basestar in Re-imagined Series' "Razor Flashbacks" and, later, the Amphead who Joseph Adama interrogates in Caprica's "Ghosts in the Machine".

Arngrim's career began as a child actor, notably as Barry Lockridge in Irwin Allen's 1968 CE genre series Land of the Giants.

His subsequent genre-spanning credits in subsequent decades include both film―Fear No Evil, The Class of 1984, Strange Days, The Chronicles of Riddick, and Final Cutand television, notably The X-Files, Millennium, Seven Days, and Fringe.

His sister, Alison Arngrim, is also a fellow child actor who has seen success in numerous roles, and is best known for her portrayal of Nellie Oleson in over one-hundred episodes of Little House on the Prairie.

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