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Sources:Subject 2 Discussion, 25 April 2006

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BSG WIKI Podcast.png This page is a transcript of a podcast.
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92 mintues into the MP3 is when the transcripting starts.

Shaun O'Mac: Anyway, I think with that we'll bring on Koenigrules.

[Sound effect]

SO: Here he comes.

[Music plays]

SO: And Mr. Koenigrules is emerging from the TARDIS. Are you there?

Koenigrules: Yes, I am.

SO: There ya go, welcome to the program.

KR: Thank you.

SO: Yes, the world's foremost expert and the most sourced individual— journalist on the program.

KR: [Laughs]

SO: Very good. Is that good?

KR: Yes.

SO: Very good. We had a little controversy earlier in the week, but... [laughs]

KR: Ah... [laughs]

SO: Yes. Koenig, koenig—

KR: It's always like that about once a year, something like that happens.

[KR, SO and a third guest discuss Doctor Who for a while]

SO: And then I read somewhere that they're going to have an animated show, too!

KR: What?

SO: They're gonna have some kind of animated show.

KR: On Dr. Who?

SO: Yeah, Gallifrey One said something. Maybe it's a K-9— [laughs]

KR: This is getting too much.

SO: Yeah. If they can give us two Dr. Who spinoffs, how come we can't get one Galactica spinoff? That's my question.

KR: Well...

SO: Y'know what I'm saying?

KR: When I announce some o the spoilers tonight—

SO: Uh oh.

KR: It's not— I don't think you're going to have a Galactica spinoff

SO: Uh oh. Well, I mean, they could've done a spinoff with the Pegasus if they'd wanted to, they could've done some other things, but I mean even that as fan fiction—

KR: Did you say "Pegasus"?

SO: Uh oh.

KR: Did you say "Pegasus"? Episode 303.

SO: Uh oh.

KR: Pegasus is destroyed.

SO: Oh no, you're kidding me! Who's on it when it gets destroyed?

KR: Don't know. But it is sent— my source says it is sent on a collision course to a Cylon base ship so that the Galactica can get away.

SO: Really. Now how— answer me this. How come it's the Pegasus that gets destroyed, and the Galactica's the older ship, you'd think the Galactica would've been sent out.

KR: Good question.

SO: Yeah, the Pegasus got the— remember, it's the, somebody said it's more technologically advanced and all that, blah blah blah.

KR: Right.

SO: You think they would've— of course, they'd have had to change the name of the show then, right?

KR: Right.

SO: [laughs] They would come out and say, well, we couldn't send the Galactica because we'd have to change the name of the series.

KR: But the— y'know, rumors were going on all last year that it gets destroyed by the end of season 2.

SO: Wow. So what's going to happen to— 'cause we're going to have a clash of the Adamas then, because I imagine Apollo will come back to the Galactica, well he's, I guess he'll be—

KR: Yes, I would speculate that Lee Adama is still alive and that he'll come back to the Galactica.

SO: And what role will he play now? Is Tigh gonna get booted down the chain of command, or—

KR: Remember, Tigh's got his eye gouged out.

SO: Oh, yeah.

KR: Remember?

SO: Gotta be wearing a pirate, go argh argh argh. Y'know—

KR: Oh! Episode 303, the colonists leave New Caprica and return to the fleet of ships.

SO: So only three episodes on the planet.

KR: Only three episodes.

SO: Oh, that's good. Now is... so to restate, some people just jumped into the chatroom here, ah the, Koenig has revealed that uh, and the Episode 303, what's the title of that episode? Do we know?

KR: According to, had to that right, because before I'd say, but it's, it is called "Exodus".

SO: Ah, "Exodus". That is what, when the Pegasus gets sent to what, on a collision course with one of the basestars?

KR: Yeah.

SO: And then uh—

KR: They leave—

SO: they leave the planet?

KR: —and they go back up to the fleet of ships.

SO: Now, Invincnor [?] was saying that Pegasus must suffer some damage before that, so either it must get to a point where they don't think they could salvage the Pegasus, and they decide to send it into the basestar, huh?

KR: That is— that, I don't know. That, I don't know. But, but! Baltar in Episode 303, heads up to one of the Cylon baseships along with Number Six.

SO: Uh oh! Uh oh!

KR: So it very much looks like a nice homage to the original series.

SO: So he heads— oh, really...

KR: Well, y'know, with Baltar heading toward one of the Cylon baseships.

SO: He heads to it. Does he make it to the baseship?

KR: Uh.

SO: Aaaaaaaaah.

KR: [laughs]

SO: That's the big cliffhanger. Is he gonna make it?

KR: Ah, getting technical on me, Shaun.

SO: Will he veer off to the fleet, or what?

KR: Yeah, and if— let's speculate here— if Baltar heads up to one of those baseships, and he's the President, then what's going to happen to that whole political structure aboard the Galactica?

SO: Ah yes, 'cause you said whatshisname's going to be the Vice President, now will he assume— Tom Zarek will be the president of the colonies? That'd be wild.

KR: Good question.

SO: That'd be kind of wild. Richard Hatch?

KR: The one thing with my source, and that is that he or she is trying not to reveal too much information because Ron Moore doesn't like spoilers being leaked out, so even when I'm getting this typed up and sent out to and, it's going to be in very general terms, it's not going to be very specific.

SO: Huh. So—

KR: He'll still probably be pissed off anyway, though.

SO: Yeah. Now is, so as we said, Baltar's gonna be heading up to one of the Cylon baseships, is he gonna be in one of them swivel chairs now? I mean, see him spinning around?

KR: Well, Ron Moore was asked that question, and is he going to be giving orders to the Cylons from that throne, and he said "well, anything's possible", but he was laughing at the same time.

SO: Aw. That should do that just once. That'd be funny as hell, even [inaudible]

?: It would, as long as it's not like

KR: It really would. It would be cool.

?: Now wait, I'm wondering if they're going to have—

SO: The old cylons up there in the ship?

?: No no no. I don't even know what the hell it's called, it's like the intelligent cylon, with the domed head.

SO: Oh, Lucifer.

KR: Lucifer, yeah.

SO: Well, Johnathan made [unitelligable] Dr. Smith...

?: What was it called? I don't know, was it called a cylon?

SO: It was some kind of model, I forget what the name of the model of the cylon was.

KR: Yeah, it was— ugh, I forget the exact name of the model, but—

?: It looked like a conehead!

KR: It was the [inaudible]

SO: It was a conehead.

KR: Yeah, it was a conehead, right.

SO: Now, Six might be his Lucifer then, huh?

KR: Perhaps.

SO: Oooh. There you go.

KR: Perhaps. But what about Starbuck now?

SO: Oh yeah, Starbuck

KR: Some interesting things with Starbuck.

SO: Uh oh. What's happening with Starbuck? [inaudible] her new look?

KR: Leoben.

SO: I'm her new lover in episode 309.

KR: Leoben's shacking up with Kara in episode 301.

SO: You're kidding me.

KR: He's, quote, "he is brainwashing her". And they do have a baby. Her name is— get this— her name is "Kacey". K-A-C-E-Y. Unquotes. And this is, and my source assures me—

SO: Oh, Katie, Kacey, ah.

KR: the baby is real, it's not all delusion on Kara's part. So, yup, so another hybrid child.

SO: Really. So now this is in episode one.

KR: Yeah, this is episode one. And Anders is still alive.

SO: Uh oh. So it's been... well wait a minute now.

KR: [laughs] Yeah, this sounds like Peyton Place here.

SO: Yeah, it sounds like "Dallas" all over again. Cause we pick up months after "Resur—

KR: Right, four months after.

SO: And yet, waitaminute now. Anders is still alive, Starbuck is shacked up with Leoben, right?

KR: Right, right.

SO: And she's got knocked up with his baby, is that point correct? And she's had the baby, the baby's name is Kacey, right? Now... wait a minute, where is Anders? 'Cause we left when she was married to him.

KR: Good question.

SO: Is she divorced, are there divorces in... or is she just with him?

KR: If she's being brainwashed, it's anybody's guess, but this is probably one thing I'm probably gonna get flack for. I'm sure I'm gonna get flack form Ron Moore. I'll probably get an e-mail from him, "Stop Appearing on Shaun's show!"

SO: Yeah, well that's probably the end of any interviews I'll ever get with the ca— but I mean [laughs] They're asking "is Kacey a boy or a girl?"

KR: It's a girl.

SO: Really. That's two girls now.

KR: Yeah, it's a girl.

SO: 'Cause Boomer's—

KR: I should've said that. Sorry.

SO: Boomer's child is a girl,

KR: —is a girl—

SO: This one's a girl.

KR: Hera, and then her name is Isis.

SO: Jesus. In a few years, Boxey's gonna be busy with all these hot Cylon chicks running around. He'll be like the old man out there screwing 'em all. And so... wow.

KR: Isn't this cool?

SO: Yeah, that's amazing. Well, I mean, it's good that we get some of this out. That spikes interest in the series. We know some good things are coming.

KR: Well, what I was saying in the chatroom before I came on, that these next twenty episodes— if these first three are gonna move like this, these next twenty, I mean, it's not gonna be the dull movement that we saw in some of the episodes in season two. I mean, they're really gonna kick up the pace, stat.

[SO and KR discuss the ethics of reporting spoilers]

[Battlestar Galactica portion of interview concludes]