Sources:Subject 2 Discussion, 11 April 2006

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Shaun O'Mac: What's your big Battlestar Galactica news?

Koenigrules: Allright, well. some of the plot synopsis to episode one which is called "Occupation". However, I've got some interesting tidbits. It is true that Lucy Lawless, Number Three, will be in the first one. And brother Cavil, Dean Stockwell, is coming back—

SO: —uh-oh—

KR: —as well, in the first one. And guess who he is frackin'?

SO: Uh-oh!

KR: He is frackin'... Ellen Tigh.

SO: [Laughs] You're kidding me! [Laughs]

KR: No, no I'm not.

SO: He— so, Dean Stockwell is with Ellen Tigh. Allright.

KR: Yeah. [laughs]

SO: And what— where's the colonel?

KR: Uh, he is in a Cylon detention facility.

SO: What the hell? You're kidding. Why is he being detained?

KR: I don't know the specifics, except they're torturing him.

SO: Oh no.

KR: And his eye is gouged out.

SO: Uh-oh. Uh-oh. What? So they gouged out his eye? And so what is it, what is it, just hanging from his face, in the epi— or what? Or is— it's gone completely, huh?

KR: All I know is he's not— he's not the same person anymore.

SO: Wowww. Really.

KR: So maybe he'll wear an eyepatch, that oughta be cool, huh?

SO: Yeah, like a pirate. Arrrgh. Arrrgh.

KR: Yeah, there you go. Really dark and gritty, huh?

SO: Oh, poor Colonel. He was so nice in the season finale there, with the— with the Starbuck and all that, and now he gets—

KR: —and maybe he'll have a beard, maybe a hook.

SO: Aw. Awww.

KR: Wooden leg?

SO: He'd be Captain Hook.

KR: A cylon parrot?

SO: [laughs] [untingelligable] they'll go that far with that character. Well I mean, ah well, y'know, what else do you have? Is— He's not gonna die, is he?

KR: He isn't, but—

SO: —Uh-oh—

KR: Around episode four, yes, Ellen Tigh is going to die.

SO: Oh, no! She's leavin'. Oh, man.

KR: Man. Well, you heard it hear first, right?

SO: Well, yeah. Well...

KR: In fact, there's going to be a couple significant deaths—

SO: —Uh-oh—

KR: —in these first couple episodes, but uh—

SO: —wow—

KR: —the one that I heard definitely confirmed is Ellen Tigh.

SO: Woah, really. A couple of significant deaths? Really. Wonder who that could be. I mean they've—

KR: I don't know.

SO: —they've killed off pretty much everybody else that we seem to care about on this show.

KR: I think that they're going to be creating a leaner and meaner Galactica, probably so that they can do more special effects—

SO: —ah, I see—

KR: —so they might not have as many of the incidental characters as they've had in the previous seasons.

SO: Really.

KR: That's my guess, because some of the cool effects really showed up in the last episode in the end. My guess is they're going to be creating some really nice special effects in season three. Make it more, y'know, the type of Sci-Fi that we've come to expect from Galactica.

SO: Well, that'd be good, it'd be good if they could take a look at Dr. Who—

KR: —yeah—

SO: And see what they're doing—

KR: Yeah, well, I think they could do that too, because with Dr. Who, if you notice the two primary characters are the doctor and her, and then if you add Mickey and the mother, that's about it. So, y'know, I mean, if they can go in for more of those CG effects, than I think probably with Galactica. It's been amazing how they have been able to hold on to a lot of that cast from the miniseries. It really is.

SO: Mhm.

KR: Some other news is that there's gonna be dissension in the ranks in the Cylons, not everyone is agreeing to this occupation thing—

SO: —ohh—

KR: So my guess is that probably the six and the eight might uh— might


SO: Whup!

KR: Hello, you there?

SO: Yes.

KR: —might be the emissaries of peace—

SO: —oh really—

KR: —that were from the "Downloaded" episode. Because if you notice, even in the finale it looked like they were a little bit concerned, she was a little bit concerned about Baltar. Y'know, I mean, it seemed like they didn't necessarily like what was going on, so there's gonna be a lot of dissension. There's gonna be a lot of— also, of, torture and abuse of the prisoners. A lot of double agents.

SO: Really.

KR: Yeah.

SO: So alls we know is Tigh's gonna be lock— where's he locked up? Is he on the planet is some kind of prison?

KR: Yes, yes.

SO: Really.

KR: Yes, it's a Cylon detention facility on the planet. So it sounds to me like probably he's— he must have created a big stink with the occupation, and that's why put him on ice, so to speak.

SO: Huh. That's ah, that's amazing. And [stammers] Anders? Is he dead in the new season, do we know?

KR: Actually, Anders is plotting an attack against the Cylons, so at least in the very first episode he's very much alive. And the first episode does take place, I think I told you this, four months later.

SO: Well he must make a miraculous recovery, 'cause he was— he had pneumonia.

KR: Well, maybe, or maybe Starbuck got the medicine from Lee.

SO: Reall— well—

KR: y'know.

SO: well, yeah, well well well well well but no, 'cause she was on the, on the, on the ph—

KR: Oh that's right.

SO: She was on the phone with him when the Cylons showed up, and they jumped away.

KR: That's right. So he might be— you're right, he might be on his last legs.

SO: Now the, during this first episode, where are the Galactica and Pegasus? Are they gonna be seen at all, or they're just off?

KR: If they are, it's going to be a side story—

SO: Oh.

KR: —but I think most of the action is going to be taking place on the planet itself, and it looks like— it looks like it's going to be jam-packed with a lot of stuff going on.

SO: Do we know if the first episode's gonna be a one hour, or is it gonna do like a 90 minute premiere?

KR: It's going to do, it's going to be one hour, but it's the first part, so. And I got this, the title for episode two is "Precipice".

SO: Ooh.

KR: Ooh.

SO: Ooh. "Precipice", yeah. It's like they're gonna go over the edge there, huh?

KR: Yeah.

SO: That's interesting. Well, 'cause they said that what, they're gonna spend how many weeks, how many episodes on the planet, they're gonna—

KR: Yeah, he was saying something like four or five episodes, so my guess is they're doing something similar to what they did with season two, with Adama sort of in the background. I think they're gonna do that now with Adama and Lee in the background with the two battlestars, and then probably in episode four or episode five, they'll get back with the fleet.

SO: Well, that makes sense, 'cause y'know if Olmos doesn't wanna be in y'know, all twenty episodes, it's a good way to kind of, and it makes sense, having to edit him out without having to throw him on his deathbed every season.

KR: Yeah, it's going to be interesting when they join back up with the fleet. My guess is— what would be really interesting is that Baltar's still president—

SO: —ohh—

KR: Of the colonies, and then Tom Zarek is the vice president, so there's gonna be a lot of friction when they join back up with the fleet, but this sounds pretty cool. It really does. Sounds like Tigh's going to have a very meaty part in this, and Ellen, sounds like she gets a little bit of a meaty part before she gets knocked off. So all those rumors that said she was a Cylon: nope.

SO: Really now. Huh.

KR: Nope, nope. And— but I like the fact that they got Dean Stockwell—

SO: —to come back—

KR: —so early.

SO: Yeah.

KR: I mean, they were in negotiations and everything, but that— that's cool that they— because I like Dean Stockwell.

SO: Yeah, he's a good actor. Well, they— it's gonna explain why they're gonna kill off some of these characters, to pay for his salary—

KR: Right, right.

SO: because I'm sure he's not coming cheap.

KR: Right, and you know what: I mean, of the two, even though Ellen looks pretty nice, I'd rather see Dean Stockwell, y'know?

SO: Heh. Yeah. Well, I'd—

KR: I mean, wouldn't you?

SO: Well, yeah, and I— I've known her saying that according to her sources, that apparently Katee Sackhoff's gonna— her hair's gonna be really short in the third season.

KR: Oh really.

SO: Really short. So—

KR: 'Cause it was pretty long in that last one.

SO: Yeah, she's saying that Katee is pissed that her—

KR: Well, maybe there's a budget cut.

SO: [Laughs] Yeah, they've gotta cut her hair, cut the corners. Is her hair gonna have the corners cut off? [Laughs]

KR: [Laughs]

[Interview continues, with no more spoiler information. Shaun O'Mac and Koenigrules discuss getting other stars on the radio show]