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Soundtrack (Blood and Chrome)

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Soundtrack (Blood and Chrome)
"Soundtrack (Blood and Chrome)"
An album of the Re-imagined series
Album No. 7
Composer(s) Bear McCreary
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Label La-La Land Records
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Discs 1
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Soundtrack (The Plan/Razor) Soundtrack (Blood and Chrome) So Say We All: Battlestar Galactica Live
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Track Listing

  1. Dear Dad (3:58)
  2. The Galactica (1:37)
  3. The Mission Begins (2:00)
  4. Becca's Past (2:42)
  5. Archeron (5:37)
  6. The Ghost Fleet (2:03)
  7. Coker and Kirby (1:48)
  8. The Last Battle of the Osiris (8:39)
  9. Emergency Landing (1:58)
  10. The Ice Cave (5:23)
  11. You Will Regret This (5:38)
  12. Coker's Interlude (2:50)
  13. Ski Lodge Battle (6:28)
  14. Automated Cylon Transmission Relay (2:58)
  15. A Cylon Spy (4:01)
  16. Coker's Photo (2:32)
  17. Husker (3:12)
  18. Apocalypse: Blood & Chrome (4:53)

Total time is 68:17

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