Captain Valerii

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Captain Valerii is a Number Eight Cylon which has partial memories of Caprica-Valerii.

When Caprica-Valerii was choked to death by an Antebellum Centurion, leaving her clinically dead and in the process of downloading, she was revived by human clinical means by Dr. Cottle.

Caprica-Valerii, who felt the interruption, tells Helo that a second Number Eight body received a partial imprint of her personality and memories (Battlestar Galactica 4). The Eight memories shift between realizing her true nature as a Cylon and "her" love of Helo.

The near-doppelganger of Valerii dispatches a handful of space pirates that attack a Raptor she was flying before soon commandeering the pirate barge itself.

She manages to make an FTL jump of the ship and its many Colonial survivors to Galactica's vicinity. By commanding the pirate ship, the Eight calls herself "Captain Valerii." (Battlestar Galactica 5).

Confused by the Antebellum Centurions and the presence of another "Valerii" on Galactica, Captain Valerii escapes the Fleet, but not before sighting and warning the Fleet that a contemporary Cylon force was en route to attack (Battlestar Galactica 6)


The origins of this character contradict the Re-imagined Series canon through some technical errors.

  • This character gains her memories while already with some personality in place (the Eight was flying a Raptor).
  • Captain Valerii activates without the need of a Resurrection Ship.