Scott Kelso

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Scott Kelso
Scott Kelso


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Birth Name Scott Kelso
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Introduced Final Cut
Marital Status Single
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Role Marine
Rank Private First Class
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Portrayed by Kevan Kase
Scott Kelso is a Cylon
Scott Kelso is a Final Five Cylon
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Private First Class Scott Kelso is a Colonial Marine reservist aboard Galactica who is involved in the incident on the Gideon that resulted in the death of four civilians.

When interviewed by D'anna Biers she questions his squad's firing on unarmed civilians. Kelso retorts that his squad was never trained for crowd control, and that he was under attack and had ten stitches to prove it. However, Private Kelso considers the entire operation a "command frak-up" by Colonel Tigh (TRS: "Final Cut").


  • According to the podcast for "Valley of Darkness," a scene was cut from that episode in which Colonel Tigh tries to relieve Lee Adama of command of the Marines and demands to speak to Private Kelso.