Sara Freeman

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Sara Freeman
Sara Freeman


Sara Freeman
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Colony Gemenon
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Warden of a Tauron prison
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Doctor Sara Freeman is a well-known political scientist from Gemenon.

Freeman is also the warden at an unnamed Tauron prison during Tom Zarek and Benedict Mason's imprisonment.

After causing trouble on their first day at her prison, Freeman has Mason and Zarek thrown into solitary confinement, which plays into Zarek's hand, allowing Mason to be his right hand man free amongst the people, while spending most of his time in solitary writing his book.

With the knowledge that Freeman is a woman with strong moral conviction, Zarek manipulates the less moral people around her thus giving him ultimate control of her facility. About 13 years before the Fall of the Colonies, the existence of his book is revealed by the Colonial media outlets, which angers Freeman. Publicly, she notes that prisoners have a restricted right to speech and, as such, the book should not be published. Privately, she rounds up him and his associates (Mason and Duby) and ships them off to the harsh Luna Three hard labor prison camp (Battlestar Galactica: Zarek 3).