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Colonel Saul Tigh: Oh, couple'a hours rack time does sounds awfully sweet right about now.
Commander William Adama: You deserve it.
Tigh: Like hell. Truth is, all this has me feeling... well, more alive than I have in years.
Adama: You look that way too. It's good to see you without the cup in your hand.
Tigh: Ehh, don't start.
Adama: But I know there's a whole lot of people aboard this ship that wish you weren't feeling as good as you are.
Tigh: If the crew doesn't hate the XO then he's not doing his job. Besides, gotta make the old man look good.
Adama: I always look good.
Tigh: Did you look in the mirror?
Adama: Seriously...
Tigh: Sir.
Adama: It's o­ne thing to push the crew, it's another thing to break 'em.