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"The Night the Cylons Landed, Part I" (Season 1, Galactica 1980): After a renegade Cylon fighter crash-lands on Earth, Troy and Dillon rush to New York believing the craft a recon Viper. What they find is far worse and must stop the surviving Cylons from using powerful radio equipment to contact the rest of the Cylon fleet.


Shirley: Aren't they [ Andromus and Centuri ] cute? Mildred and Arnie are just going to love this.
Norman: Well, I hope they feel the same way after Arnie forces a couple of his famous meatballs down their throat[s].
Shirley: Now Norman, don't get started on those meatballs again this year!
Norman: They are to the digestive tract what Vida Blue is to the San Francisco Giants: a stopper. — listen