Medal of Valor

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Socrata Thrace's framed Medal of Valor award and certificate.

The Medal of Valor is a decoration awarded by the Colonial Ministry of Defense.

The medal consists of an enameled medallion bearing the Colonial emblem on a field of red surrounded by a round golden geometric border. Like the Medal of Distinction, it is suspended from a neck ribbon. It is likely among the highest Colonial combat decorations.

Award of the medal is accompanied with a certificate with the qualifying citation.

Socrata Thrace was awarded this medal during her career in the Colonial Marine Corps, possibly during the first Cylon War (TRS: "Maelstrom").


  • The medal may be intended to be a counterpart to the Medal of Honor; the highest American military decoration.
  • The medal certificate closely resembles the standard American medal certificate format.
  • The medal's border bears a resemblance to a mandala.

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