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Kimiko was an old lady-friend of Alex "Crashdown" Quartararo, whom he describes as "a lovely little lady in a lovely little city in a lovely little colony that I used to know."

Crashdown tries to convince Sharon Valerii to name a small asteroid after Kimiko as they scan for water throughout adjacent areas of space to the Fleet (TRS: "Water").


  • In what is probably a very obscure coincidence or deliberate reference, on Ron Moore's (who personally wrote "Water") old series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, in the episode "Honor Among Thieves," while working undercover Miles O'Brien has to bluff his way out of the offer of a call girl as a reward by a gangster, by saying that he already has a girlfriend. When pressed, O'Brien says his girlfriend's name is "Kimiko".
  • Kimiko is a female Japanese name meaning "noble child" or "truth child"[1].


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