Help:Unified login

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Unified Login is a feature that allows a user to have multiple accounts on every Battlestar Wiki without having to sign up for an individual account on each wiki manually.

Therefore, it is possible to create an account on any Battlestar Wiki only once, and use that same login on the other Wikis (the French, German, Spanish, Media, et al.).

If you are a new user to Battlestar Wiki, and have created an account since July 2008, you likely already have an account on each Battlestar Wiki. To ensure this, check the login unification status page, which will list the wikis you presently have an account for. If you are not listed on some of our Wikis, then it is likely that you've never visited that wiki before.

However, if you have already done so and you don't have an account there, simply visit the page named "Special:MergeAccount" as it corresponds to the wikis listed below:

If prompted, add your user password. However, about 9 times out of 10, this is automatic, so that step should be unnecessary.