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Searching the Battlestar Wiki is slightly different than in other MediaWiki wikis. As of February 2008, we've integrated the powerful Google search engine to search and index information on our websites.

Using the Search

On each page, there is a search bar on the left sidebar, above the navigation menus. In the search box, you'll see the text box and two buttons: "Go" and "Search.

To perform a simple search, you can type in your search term (like "Baltar's lawyer") and press the "Enter" key.

The "Go" button

The purpose of the "go" button is to bring you to the article directly, thus bypassing the search feature. So, if you already know the name of an article (for instance "Galactica"), you can simply type the article name and press "go" to jump to that article.

However, should that term not exist, your term is then submitted to the search engine to find articles with that term.

The "Search" button

By typing in your term and pressing "search", you've explicitly told the search engine to scour the site for your search term, even if an article on the subject exists already.

Let's say you were look up articles that reference Lee Adama. Normally, if you were to type in that name and press the "Enter" key or the "Go" button, you'd be drawn directly to that article.

However, by typing in that term and clicking the "Search" button, you have executed a search for the term "Lee Adama". So anything referencing him (which is, admittedly, many hundreds of articles!) would come up.

Tips and Tricks

  • To search for something on a specific namespace (like our podcasts), simply type in:
    "Podcast:" search term
    Note: The usage of the colon is important, since this explicitly states the "Podcast:" namespace.