Cain (father)

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Cain (father)
Cain (father)


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Colony Tauron
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Introduced Razor
Death Killed during the Battle of Tauron, First Cylon War
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Children 2 daughters; Helena and Lucy
Marital Status Widowed, Saundra Cain
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Portrayed by Peter Flemming
Cain (father) is a Cylon
Cain (father) is a Final Five Cylon
Cain (father) is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Cain (father) is an Original Series Cylon
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Mister Cain is the father of Helena and Lucy Cain.

During the Battle of Tauron, he tried to protect his daughters, but was mortally wounded in the aftermath of an explosion in the stairwell of a shelled building. As he died, Cain told Helena to protect Lucy from the Cylons, which is something that she later failed to do out of fear after Lucy got trapped on a piece of rubble (TRS: "Razor," extended version).