Georgia Craig

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Georgia Craig
Georgia Craig
Portrays: Yolanda Brenn
Date of Birth: March 20, 1979
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Age: 45
Nationality: CAN CAN
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Georgia Craig (born March 20, 1979[1]) is the Canadian actress who portrayed Oracle Yolanda Brenn in "Maelstrom".

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia[1], Craig studied classically in the National Theater School of Canada[2]. After graduating, she worked as a pollster and a bartender before landing her first role[2] in the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

Craig has appeared in such genre series as Stargate SG-1, The 4400, and Supernatural, in addition to her recent (non-genre) movie roles in Catch and Release, Chuck and Larry, and Case 39.

As for the Re-imagined Series, Craig knew very little of the series before auditioning and landing the role as Yolanda Brenn. Since her encounter with Battlestar, she and her boyfriend consider it one of their favorite shows, which "competes with any acclaimed drama I’ve ever seen".[2]


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