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Designer Peter Laird admiring the DDG-62s mounted on the Blackbird.

The DDG-62 is a model of sublight engine, outdated by the time of the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. The engines are apparently meant for small, one-man craft, and provide ample acceleration that seems to match that of a Viper Mark II.

During the construction of the Blackbird, a prototype craft devised by Galen Tyrol and constructed by crew of Galactica, Colonel Saul Tigh offers Tyrol a pair of these engines that are taking up space in the Baah Pakal's cargo hold (TRS: "Flight of the Phoenix").

The engines were designed by aeronautical engineer Peter Laird, who says that they were mostly phased out of use 10 years ago (TRS: "Pegasus").


DDG-62s deactivated for low-observibility (TRS: "Resurrection Ship, Part I").
  • DDG-62 is also the real-word designation of the US Navy Arleigh Burke class destroyer USS Fitzgerald. DDG is the Navy hull classification for a guided missile destroyer.
  • The engines' name is an homage to that very ship. The show's science advisor, Kevin R. Grazier, organized a tour of the vessel for the writing staff. Ultimately only Bradley Thompson and his wife attended, but he later included the reference into the episodes as thanks. [1]