Cylon Sentry

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During a fierce offense by the Maytorians, Cylon tanks open fire on their opponents during a perilous bridge crossing (Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 1 #3).
A Cylon Sentry escorted by camouflaged Centurions during the First Cylon War (TRS: "Blood and Chrome").

The Cylon Sentry[1] is an armored ground vehicle in the Cylon infantry to support ground troops, as well as being a primary offensive weapon in front-line ground attacks.

During the First Cylon War, Cylons use ground vehicles in ground assaults of urban population centers and planetary facilities, escorted by Cylon Centurions.

In keeping with the technology of the human creators, the Cylon tank employs many of the same technologies and aesthetics, but with Cylon flourish such as a lone red-color electronic eye at the front (TRS: "Blood and Chrome").



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