Category:Possible Copyright Infringements

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This is the category of possible copyright infringements, should there be any.

Copyright infringements ARE NOT:

  • images (screenshots and the like), short video clips, and short audio clips used under the fair use guidelines (i.e. nonprofit use), unless otherwise explicitly noted;
  • rewrites of already written articles; copyright only protects creative ideas, not wording or phraseology;
  • the use of offensive language (this is a separate matter entirely).

Tagging a Page

Should you feel that a page has possible copyright infringement, do the following:

  1. Tag the page itself with {{possible copyright infringement}}; insert the tag on the top of the page.
  2. Post a short (or detailed) reason as to why the page (or certain content thereof) constitutes infringement on the "discussion" page for that article.
    1. Click "discussion" tab of the page in question.
    2. Write a note (succinct or detailed, as necessary) as to what exactly can be considered infringement.

Resultant Actions

Once a page has been tagged, it will be reviewed by the appointed Galactipedians and judged. Should there be any copyright offending content, it will be excised (removed) from the Battlestar Wiki and noted on the discussion page for that topic.

Results of Misuse

Should this feature be misused, a penalty shall be implemented, including and up to the termination of the user's access to the Wiki via IP and username blocking.

Misuse is constituted as incorrectly tagging a page for the purposes of:

  • vandalism;
  • retaliation;
  • discrediting the work of another;
  • as a means of personal attack;
  • and any other unprofessional conduct, as deemed by the Galactipedians.


  • You do not need to add the line [[Category:Possible Copyright Infringements]]. This is done automatically by the insertion of the {{possible copyright infringement}} tag.

This category currently contains no pages or media.