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This is an archive successful proposal that was vetted through the Think Tank, a place where ideas of all kinds are proposed and worked upon by the community prior to implementation. Please do not modify this proposal.

Wikipedia Policies

I am propossing that we create a "BW:WIKI" page. (Battlestar Wiki:Wikipedia Policies) page. This list would comprise of the polices on Wikipiedia that we would use for policy setting yet we do not import them to the wiki as it would be redundant. We do this already for a number of policies, but that's because we wanted to change the text and they are "derived" works.

This is the list of the policies I found on the English Wikipedia that would help benifit the wiki from further troubles....

You can add to this list!

The above is an archive of a proposal that was vetted through the Think Tank. Please do not modify or edit this archived proposal.