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Battlestar Wiki:Think Tank/User Spotlight

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This is an archive of a proposal that was vetted through the Think Tank, a place where ideas of all kinds are proposed and worked upon by the community prior to implementation. There was no consensus on how to proceed regarding this proposal. It is therefore rendered inactive, until such a time where it can be revisited after a pre-determined period of time. Please do not modify this proposal.

User Spotlight

We highlight articles, pictures, but we should try to highlight some of the editors of the Wiki. Not just by given out Sysop, but also recognizing people who spend tons of time working on an article should get a plug, small, on the Main Page and BW:BLOG. These users don't even have to be awarded the BW:STAR to be "on the front". Just be by consensus. No formal voting.

The above is an archive of a proposal that was vetted through the Think Tank. Please do not modify or edit this archived proposal.