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Battlestar Wiki:Think Tank/Audio Clip Project

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This is an archive successful proposal that was vetted through the Think Tank, a place where ideas of all kinds are proposed and worked upon by the community prior to implementation. Please do not modify this proposal.

Audio Clip Project

Basically, the plan is to create a project pertaining to audio clips from all three series for addition to pertinent articles. The proposal is not only meant to discuss the merits of creating such a project, but should also determine what criteria we define to determine what clips we use on wiki.

For instance, this would be the criteria for what clips we should use on the wiki:

  • Quotes from the episodes that are in the "Noteworthy Quotes" portion of the episode guides.
  • Sound effects and voice audio pertinent to specific articles.
    • For example: Case Orange, where there is an MP3 recording of the Case Orange message sent out in the miniseries.
  • Pronunciation of unique names to help the IPA pronunication notes on certain pages. For instance, "centon", "sectar", "frak", et al.

Also, the project would be where a "to-do" list would be housed for what articles need audio clips, as well as what contributors will tackle what, so as to avoid stepping on each other's toes.

The above is an archive of a proposal that was vetted through the Think Tank. Please do not modify or edit this archived proposal.