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The Star of Kobol is an award given to contributors by other contributors for various reasons.

There is no "hard and fast" criteria for determining who gets the Star of Kobol, outside of the belief that Star of Kobol recipients tend to be consistent in their work ethic and have done much to achieve an objective—whether it be transcriptions, getting things updated, or general behind-the-scenes labors.


To award the Star of Kobol, simply tag the user page of the contributor with {{kobolstar}}. Typically, you want to place this tag on the bottom of the page, beneath any text, categories, etc.


  • Frank - For his outstanding work on keep the Quote of the Day updated!
  • Steelviper - For the outstanding transcriptions of the podcasts!
  • Talos - Capture Master!
  • Astfgl (de) - Single handly getting the active through out the week!
  • SuperMXX (zh) - Major campaign to help get users to join a help the translation of BSG Wiki into Chinese!
  • Shane - Site 911!
  • Joe Beaudoin Jr. - Site 911!
  • PrePressChris - Podcast Verification!
  • Catrope - For turning Joe's ideas into extensions, podcast stuff, and general work on the wiki (i.e. cleaning up after Joe).
  • Serenity - Constant editing and Episode Guides even though he lives in Germany!
  • Noneofyourbusiness - A constant, conscientious presence.