Battlestar Wiki:Site support/Proposals

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Ideas for defraying operating expenses.

Potentially Good Ideas

  • Build/buy our own server. If we had our own server, the main expense would be bandwidth related (plus colocation rent)
  • Rent server space for personal use... (http://www.battlestarwiki/~user/)
  • Banner ads on wiki to general sites at Amazon, for referral cash
  • Donation drive featured on the main page
  • When there is a budget, advertise the battlestarwiki on google/yahoo to increase traffic, which should ultimately increase ad impressions, donations, and referral sales revenue.
  • Delay purchase of new mop. Mopping with a worn-out mop builds character (or something).

Bad Ideas

  • Layoffs. (Well, we might have to hire some staff in order to fire them... but look at how well it works for the auto industry, and the airlines. Oh.)
  • Deficit spending. (Look how well it works for the government.)
  • "Invest" donations in the lottery. (Hey. It could happen.)
  • Letting our sense of morals stand in the way of doing what is right.
  • Allow Cylon Access