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The Secured Article project is a means to lock articles from normal editing, as these are "enshrined" for preservation. Such articles are identified as the definitive word on the topic in question, even though Battlestar Wiki itself should not be considered an acceptable source.


Given the lack of new content regarding Battlestar Galactica, outside of the scant sources that are Separate Continuity materials (comics and video games), we've begun the process of locking down pages from being edited by standard users.

This action allows chiefs and contributors to better focus efforts on improving existing content and working on areas of opportunity (such as the Comic Development Project, articles on Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock, and translation efforts), without having to worry about articles that no longer require updates.

For visitors that comprise 99.9% of the Wiki's traffic, this signals that the content they see can be trusted and free of undue interferences prevalent online.


Note: Joe Beaudoin Jr. and selected individuals can override this process as conditions merit.

Articles must first be identified as candidates:

  1. If the article is small and hasn't been updated in some time, it should be tagged as a {{secured candidate}} for review by multiple administrators.
    • This allows the article to be added into for review.
  2. Should any concerns be present, please begin a discussion on the article's talk page.
  3. After a reasonable period of time (say within 30 calendar days), concerns must be addressed and the candidate reviewed.

If an article passes the candidate stage, then:

  1. The article needs to be tagged with {{Secured}}.
  2. The article the needs to be protected from edits. (Understanding that chiefs can edit protected articles.)