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April Arcus June 25[edit]

2:44 PM me: What would you want me to do for you to retract your RFC against me? Stop editing? Stop contributing? Stop doing stuff? Stop partisapating in discussions? Stop stating my own option and be strong about it? You have never made it clear. I would rather leave the Wiki than be "banned" for a week. (The Banned policy has never been "discussed", like most of the Policies.) Maybe create a policy and approving it for "dealing with other viewpoints. Maybe a Policy to "vote". Maybe using the new simple {{Support}} and {{Oppose}} templates as the only way to state if someone agress with one way or the other. I don't really know what you are looking to do other than to change me. To change me is not an option because every life is independent from one another and to say "maybe if we banned him for one week to see if his attutude changes." I can tell you right now that will not happen. What do you want to do about it? My options might not change after I would come back, how can you suggest that they would?
2:46 PM April: Yes, Shane, I want to change you. You have problems and you need to address them if you want to keep working with us.
 me: Us? Who is us?
  Is us you?
2:50 PM My problems? Stateing my option. I thought we all are allowed to give our input. (Never Got This)
[REDACTED] is offline and can't receive messages right now.

April Arcus April 28[edit]

2:38 PM me:
 April: what am I looking at
 me: the header table
 April: the font is about 2 points too tiny
2:39 PM and that image is way too small.
 me: suposed to be
 April: also, you still haven't taken my advice about not having "characters" pages that span all three series.
 me: that is steel
  talk to steel about it
 April: well, I mean, you asked.
 me: i'll post
  no worries
  main page is #1

April Arcus June 8[edit]

10:45 PM April: nice initiative on the Oficial Comminques page
 me: Thank you.
10:49 PM btw, I looked up his undername in my database
  it came up as bradly
 April: his e-mail is signed "Bradley"
 me: that's why I knew ahead of time
 April: your database?
 me: yes. my database.
 April: Well, that's interesting and all, but I'm sure you understand why I wanted to get some kind of official confirmation.
	32 minutes
11:22 PM me: I think we need a new image tag.
  something to do with official members uploading images if they do
 April: um.
11:23 PM me: {{actor image}}
  just doesn't cut it
 April: hrm.
  i don't see why that would be any different though. I mean, presumably they own the copyrights to photos of themselves, and can license them just the same as any other user
11:24 PM me: Would we mark it "{{BW exclusive}}
 April: ... but it wouldn't be. Unless they said so.
 me: no matter what it is
 April: i don't think there's a need.
11:25 PM me:
 April: if something like this comes up, we can figure out what to do then.
  yes, I saw - I like it.
 me: i worked on it more
  just need a quick view before I subst in brad's page
 April: okay, reading
11:26 PM i'm going to make a few edits
 me: k
  I was making one
  on spelling
  but go ahead first
11:30 PM April: okay, couple more things
  1.) I don't get what this sentence means: "This way our members can update that need changing, instead of putting this burden on you."
 me: if they make a change...
  like brad did
11:31 PM they should have to worry about going thorough the wiki to change all of the pages with the d
11:32 PM April: oh, I see.
11:36 PM That's my input. I strongly suggest that you ask a few other users before you make it final, though.
	17 minutes
11:54 PM me: I wonder if Joe seen this yet
 April: which?
 me: brad
11:55 PM April: yes, I forwarded him my e-mail.

April Arcus April 27[edit]

6:56 AM me: Morn'
 April: ahoy
6:57 AM me: What is werid..
  no one has co mmeted ont he new design since we been working on it
  I guess once we finsh the portals
 April: well
  for me
 me: it can go live because no one seems to have any objectes
 April: I don't browse the wiki that way
  so it doesn't really matter all that much
6:58 AM but... I do have some pretty big difficulties with how they look, to be honest. I might propose another system.
  but I mean, I have a lot to do still - image tags for 1980, and um... another big writeup to make about an often misbehaving user.
  who shall remain nameless.
6:59 AM me: well... as I said... there has been a lack of comment so no one has really gave any indication of any real problems other than that people hate the idea except joe.
 April: I'll be sure to put my two cents in soon.
7:00 AM me: better be soon ;-)
  at the rate me and steel are going
7:01 AM there could be change of the guard without little notice. :)
 April: that would be unfortunate.
7:02 AM me: as I said.. without comments we would think everything is going ok.
7:03 AM April: true.
  as I always say, communication is important.
	20 minutes
7:23 AM me: I saw this Caprica (series);
  last night
7:24 AM April: yeah, it's still last night on this coast
  speakig of
7:25 AM me: it gives no date
  on a timeline
 April: ?
7:26 AM -50some years, they say
 me: no.. when it will start
 April: oh
  no idea
	26 minutes
7:53 AM me:

April Arcus May 15[edit]

10:29 PM me: With the Proposed Policy tag, people know it's being worked on and it's not offical
10:30 PM why is everything I create come under your creal secuinty?
 April: why is moving it to your user page, as joe suggested, cruel?
 me: I was even done with it.
 April: you can keep working on it
  I didn't delete it.
 me: That's why i didn not move it
  That is the lamest excuse ever.
10:31 PM people work on podcasts on the main podcast template
  and I guess people can't just woprk on the BW namespace anymore because it's just rude
 April: I'm not going to dignify this with a response. Read Joe's comments on the talk page here:
  if you still have a problem, bring it up with Joe
10:32 PM me: I have. And they were a suggestion. if he was to dictate that is should be worked ont he user subpgae while I was ediing it, not while I was done.
  it is best that you either move the current version of this page to your namespace under a subpage or bring this stuff up for discussion, as April suggests. -- Joe Beaudoin So say we all
  april suggests
  Not move it to your namespace.
10:33 PM April: You can always file an RFC against me if you feel horribly slighted.

April Arcus April 9[edit]

2:51 AM me: MediaWiki just came out with the </tag> fix
 April: ?
2:52 AM me: see the </table> on the main page of the </div> tag
  o0n the portal pages, they released a fix that fixes it
2:53 AM April: wonderful. i have no idea what the main page of a </div> tag is, though.
 me: right below the news
  there is that </table> tag
  seems to happen in large places of html
2:56 AM April: shane, I hope you'll believe me when I say that I don't mean to be insulting by telling you this, but most of the time it's extremely difficult to understand what you're talking about.
  It's a serious communication barrier. Can I ask if English is your first language?
 me: well.. if you must know... I have a learning disability and i already think at a higher plane so It's very hard to communiticate with people using simple lanauge.
2:57 AM April: I'm afraid you don't have much of a choice about it.
 me: Image someone with a 130 IQ but Dyslexia hampers my lower congnitive functions
  I'm afraid you don't have much of a choice about it.'
 April: well, yes, I can imagine that, but what I'm saying is that the need to communicate clearly isn't waived, even if it's difficult for you.
2:58 AM what I mean is, clarity in communication is vital - just because you find it challenging doesn't mean you can ignore it.
 me: If I don't respond it usually means I agree. I will not "up" my edit count just to say yes.
 April: Well, sometimes that's appropriate and sometimes it isn't. But I mean this in more general terms.
2:59 AM You need to use your language more carefully. </div> tags cannot have main pages. It just doesn't make any sense.
  I have a vague notion of what you're talking about, but I'm afraid I'm still very confused - and this has often been the case with you.
3:00 AM me: if it's technicial, you don't have to worry about it
 April: So it's my sincere advice that you really put some more effort into the clarity of your statements.
  Yes, I do.
 me: cause Joe is the only one who can do it anyway
 April: Well, in this case, maybe.
 me: Then opost that you want clarification
 April: Well, I try to when that's necessary.
3:01 AM But maybe before you post things, you could try taking a step back, reading through it, and asking yourself "is this as clear as it could be?"
  Just some friendly advice.
 me: I am not going to do that to most of my posts because I don't want to write a paragrpah that explains code.
3:02 AM Code is long to write aboute, and I am not going to spend my time writing about code.
 April: That's not what I'm asking.
 me: I will do it when really needed, but not all the time
  When I talk about BSG related stuff, I am veryc lear and I do read my work when I am done.
 April: well, if you say so.
3:03 AM me: You just see YOUR point of view. That's why you can't see my point or understand it.
 April: No, that's not true at all.
  I've spoken to several other users and we all have great difficulty understanding what you're saying. We're perfectly happy to listen to your arguments, but it just takes too much effort to figure out what they are.
3:04 AM me: I don't have to go through with this discussion. I unblocked you, because I thought you were ready to not be critial of the things I do instead of saying "good job". I have yet to see that from you, and you do it for Merv WHO has made fun of me on serveral occuations.
 April: This is a perfect example of what I'm talking about.
 me: Not many other people have pointed anything out to me. Ohter than you and Merv.
 April: I'm offering you advice. You think I'm attacking you.
  I'm not.
3:05 AM me: No. This is not.
  You are.
  And I hate it.
  This is not s suggestion
  This is "To be a part of this community, you must be clear."
 April: Of course it is. What recourse do I have if you don't do what I tell you?
 me: If it takes more than one time to post something to make it clear I will, but I will not change on who I am to make you happy.
3:07 AM Or anyone else.
  By the way....
 April: Yes?
 me: I will use minor edits if I think they are minor.
3:08 AM Not because I don't have to.
 April: Excuse me?
 me: I will select minor edits when I think it's a minor edit.
  and onthe talk page before hand, it was not me on the page.
3:09 AM It was someone else, so check the history before making mistakes.
3:10 AM April: This edit was by you, and was marked minor.
  If you want someone to be sure of reading what you have to say, marking it as a minor edit is a bad idea.
  That's my only point.
3:11 AM me: Anything I do is watched huh? WIKI STALKER
  Same with Merv.
  I don't know how you sleep.

April Arcus March 20[edit]

2:35 AM me:
	34 minutes
3:10 AM April: you. are. insane.
 me: Usually I am not called that... but ok. I'll accept it for now.
3:11 AM April: please. just calm down.
  I don't understand why you can't just pace yourself out and wait for other people to offer up some opinions.
 me: Hey... someone suggested it. So I posed a vote and placed everything under the right catagory.
 April: The world will not end if a gorgeous and comprehensive portal system isn't up by the end of the week.
3:12 AM Look, I appreciate your impulse, but you keep taking things overboard. There's no use in having a vote if nobody's even had a discussion yet.
  Does this make sense? Your contributions are all well-motivated, but you jump at things too fast.

April Arcus April 25[edit]

7:20 PM me: You think we can get rid of the category project page?
 April: hrm.
7:21 PM me: I think we got it pretty much covered :-)
 April: well, I regret that it's been quiet lately
  do you really?
  I don't know, I'm still not thrilled with our system
 me: Images are the most needed "cat" system
  it seems to work
  and I don't see any other way. wikipedia does the same thing
 April: no... the images cat is not part of what I had in mind for that
7:22 PM I think we should leave it
  dormant though it may be.
 me: k
  very dormant
 April: it's a long summer.
 me: aye
  it's a long time till BSG
  I told steel today
  by October
  we going to have everything so orginzed
  and so "looking" nice
 April: yes
 me: that we make MA look like crap
 April: hey
7:23 PM I wanted to point you to something
 me: Sure.
 April: I was visiting the homestar runner wiki the other day
  and I noticed their portal system
 me: :o
 April: I /really/ like it.
 me: /me searches
 April: very minimalist.
7:24 PM me: website is loading
7:26 PM ok
  I am looking at the site
  Tell me what you like about it see if I can inc. with ours
 April: well
  i just like how minimalist it is
7:27 PM uncluttered. very few wordy captions
  lots of images and links
  for example
  it's thorough, but it isn't tiring.
  you know?
  a good sort of table of contents
7:28 PM me: heh
  /me links you to something
  Look at Steel's Character "section"
7:29 PM April: right, see? this is very busy. it's trying to be too many things all at once.
  if steel's characters page were all there was, and that was then linked from the TOS portal at the top via a very prominent navigation bar
	5 minutes
7:34 PM April: we could have "characters", "locations", "technology"...
7:35 PM me: he is working on a new design
 April: and then there's no need to have featured articles rotating in and out all the time on six or eight different portals
 me: instead of boxed he was going to do in a row
 April: it's much less manpower intensive
 me: was going to do the same thing for RDM
 April: well
  i'll bring it up on wiki talk, maybe
7:36 PM me: kk
  taking a break myself
  we did so much today...
7:37 PM we even got a few new suggestions for the spoiler template
	8 minutes
7:45 PM me: arn't u almost done?
7:46 PM April: with the image cats?
 me: with TOS
 April: i'm about 2/3 through
  you can turn off minor edits, if you're trying to read through the edit history
	7 minutes
7:53 PM April: done with TOS
 me: yay!
 April: :-)
7:55 PM me: Even got this working:
  Should I start listing all of today's "big" updates?
7:56 PM April: listing them?
 me: yeah
  since it was mostly me, merc, and steel
  most of our stuff is buried
  deep down now
 April: i mean, if you want to.
 me: I have links to them all
 April: I probably wouldn't bother
7:57 PM me:
7:58 PM
 April: i'm replying to them, maybe that will bring them back to attention
7:59 PM me: k
8:00 PM April: replied to the first two.
8:01 PM is the community portal supposed to replace the wikipedian quorum?
 me: no.
 April: ok
 me: The Site Notice
  MediaWiki:Stie Notice
 April: what about it?
  do you want me to update something?
 me: Most wiki's don't keep their sitenotices running 24/7
 April: eh. we're a busy place.
 me: so they use the community portal for important quick annouments
 April: ah...
8:02 PM me: the Quourm is our foumr
  Mercifull is like the Image master
  When even go an Open tasks.png image
8:03 PM oh yeah
  I even suggested that we start getting concenous on the proposed policies
  to make them policies
 April: ok.
  I'm afraid I can't really talk much
 me: no prob.
 April: hah. I wish!
8:04 PM me: It was an idea..
 April: I have to transcribe KoenigRules' latest interview
 me: ....
 April: and then write up my opinion and get Joe's permission to recast the vote
 me: yeah
8:05 PM let me know how that goes
  how long is it?
 April: it doesn't seem to have been posted yet
8:06 PM oh
  it's tonight. I thought it was last.
 me: there we go
  I wonder if we can listen to it live
 April: probably, but it's hard to transcribe that way
8:07 PM me: listening it to it live
  makes sure you get the right one :o
8:08 PM 10pm EST
 April: well, the one for the 25th hasn't bee posted yet
  he won't go live for a few hours yet
8:09 PM me: yeah
  live at 10pm est
 April: thanks
8:11 PM me: Merc liked the Caution sign because it caught the eye
  the Stop sign was blended in
 April: it's just an opinion
 me: true
8:16 PM Connected to the Winamp stream.
  Do we ever do merging?
 April: merging?
8:17 PM me: Take something from one article and put it somewhere else or split it?
 April: yes
 me: (minus the Miniseries)
 April: the miniseries needs to be re-merged very badly, IMO
  i just haven't gotten around to having the requisite big argument about it.
8:18 PM the Twelve Colonies project was a big split-and-merge.
8:19 PM me: did not know that
  gives me another reason then to create another template, for future use
	7 minutes
8:26 PM April: i'm of
 me: later