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This is a proposed policy for Battlestar Wiki.
This non-policy is considered by the community and its leadership is to be considered for the status quo of Battlestar Wiki, though changes to it can be discussed on the appropriate talk page.

Define: Protected

A protected page is a page or image that has been protected because the page might have significant impact if the page is altered from its current form. Templates that can also effect many pages will also get locked. To suggest an edit, place {{Unlock}} on the protected page talk page.

By default, you need to be registered to edit articles. This policy will be come null and void if the Battlestar Wiki opens to unregistered user.

Types of Protection

See {{protected}} for what the notices look like. {{protected|text=Y}} is placed on the protected page talk page as a reference only.


  • Regular Regesited Users
    • Editing Privligies Revoked
  • Unregesited Users
    • Editing Privligies Revoked
  • Sysop (BW:ADMIN)
    • Edit Articles