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This is a proposed policy for Battlestar Wiki.
This non-policy is considered by the community and its leadership is to be considered for the status quo of Battlestar Wiki, though changes to it can be discussed on the appropriate talk page.
Origin from Wikipedia:POV check; reproduction and editing is permitted under the GNU FDL licensing.

The {{POV check}} template may be added to an article which you feel needs to be edited for neutrality. However, it is generally preferred that you use the neutrality dispute template, and explain your reasons on the discussion page. The "POV check" is intended for articles which you have edited to be neutral, but where you are not sure whether you have overlooked something, or for those which are, in your opinion, obviously not neutral.

In order to make sure that this template cannot be used to effectively brand articles as non-neutral without a justification, it may be removed by anyone if they feel that the issue has been resolved. Please do not edit war over the use of this template. Instead, if you disagree with its removal, explain your reasons on the discussion page, and replace it with the neutrality dispute template, {{NPOV}}.