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This page is for the Battlestar Wiki stakeholders to identify the current needs pertaining to the long term survival of this wiki, and come up with ideas and proposals to meet those goals.


(If you notice any more problems/issues, please do add to the list below.)

  • All the six language wiki's unavailable
  • WikiFrakr is broken
  • BSG Forum is down
  • BS Pegasus is lost since ages

Messages from Joe B.

11 September 2005

Greetings Colonials:

Due to diminishing interest in BSG and the fact that most of the main contributors have since moved on, I am looking at the possibly of shutting down the website come early next year.

That is to say, unless I'm able to hand this off to someone who is willing to continue to maintain it (both financially and from the tech support perspective, who has the willingness and time available), that seems to be the only option. It's honestly this option that I've been procrastinating on for quite a while now, even though the writing was on the wall for quite some time, simply because I was loathe to simply turn off the lights and walk away.

Either way, it has been a stellar 10 year run, and I personally couldn't be happier with how things have turned out -- considering that this project was initially borne from boredom. Despite those origins, the numerous contributors and roller coaster algae-ridden ride have been worth it, despite all the ups-and-downs.

In other words, while all good things do come to an end, I'm not sad that it is coming to an end... but happy that it happened to begin with. And I hope this little website happened to affect you more positively than negatively. smile emoticon


Joe Beaudoin Jr.

Project Leader

Battlestar Wiki

2 November 2015 Update

Hi All,

As you may be aware, the website was taken off line about a week or so ago. The reason is due to an accounting snafu, which I am working on resolving with the hosting provider.

In the long term, we are working on ways to keep the site online as long as possible, and we've received a few offers that are being evaluated. However, as the core group has other obligations, we are doing this as our free time permits. (Everyone here works pro bono, so we don't make any money off the site at all.)

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we'll have updates in due course.


Joe B.

Project Leader

Battlestar Wiki

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