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This part of the FAQ deals with the financial questions we get asked.

Why does Battlestar Wiki have a membership feature? Shouldn't everyone be a member?

In a perfect world, everyone would be a member. However, since the Wiki does need financial support in order to continue, we've resorted to opening up another venue of obtaining the funds necessary to cover our costs.

This would be the paying membership effort we provide for our visitors who want to view the site without ads, but want to support us financially as well.

Why all the ads?

The ads help to cover the expenditures, which are listed here.

Why not just go on Wikia and be done with it?

While Wikia would ameliorate the monetary issue (and some of the technical issues we face after an episode has its first-run airing!), there are many recent ethical questions regarding Wikia, Wikipedia, and Wikimedia Foundation that need to be addressed first. (Just do a Google news search and read up on the many problems and controversies surrounding them.)

The Battlestar Wiki has no desire to embroil ourselves in the legal and ethical quagmire they represent, and thus will carry the burden of having to do things our own way.

Plus we like our independence. Independence is everything, even if it isn't easy to obtain.

And it is not enough just to survive, one has to be worthy of survival.


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