Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy: Knowledge Here Begins Out There

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Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy: Knowledge Here Begins Out There
Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy: Knowledge Here Begins Out There
A book of the Blackwell Publishing line
Book No. 1
Author(s) Jason T. Eberl
Adaptation of
No. of Pages 224
Published January 29, 2008
ISBN 1405178140
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Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy: Knowledge Here Begins Out There (Blackwell Publishing, December 2007, ISBN 1405178140), edited by philosophy professor Jason T. Eberl, is a collection of several essays dealing with philosophical aspects of the Re-imagined Series, and an entry in Blackwell's Philosophy and Pop Culture Series.

According to the original call for abstracts, the essays are to be "philosophically substantial but accessible, written to engage the intelligent lay reader".[1]


  • Giving Thanks to the Lords of Kobol
  • “There Are Those Who Believe ...”
Opening the Ancient Scrolls: Classic Philosophers as Colonial Prophets.
  • Erik D. Baldwin: "How to be Happy after the End of the World"
    • The good Life: Booze, Pills, Hot and Cold running Interns?
    • "Be the Best Machines (and Humans) the Universe Has Ever Seen"
    • "Be ready to Fight or You Dishonor the Reason Why We're Here"
    • "Each of Us Plays a Role. Each Time a Different Role"
  • Robert Sharp: "When Machines Get Souls: Nietzsche on the Cylon Uprising"
    • Master Mortality and Slave Mortality
    • Escaping Slavery by Creating Souls
    • The Spiritual Move from Slave to Equal
    • "They Have a Plan"
  • J. Robert Loftis: "“What a Strange Little Man”: Baltar the Tyrant?"
    • "I Don't Have to Listen. I'm the President"
    • "Are You Alive?"
  • Jason P. Blahuta: "The Politics of Crisis: Machiavelli in the Colonial Fleet"
    • "We're in the Middle of a War, and You 're Taking Orders from a Schoolteacher?"
    • "While the Chain of Command is Strict, It is Not Heartless, And Neither Am I"
    • Helo's Halo: Can Genocide Ever be Justified?
    • "It's Not Enough to Survive. One Has to be Worthy of Surviving"
I, Cylon: Are Toasters People, Too?.
  • Robert Arp and Tracie Mahaffey: “And They Have a Plan”: Cylons as Persons"
    • Cylons and the Capacity for Reason
    • Cylons and Mental States
    • Cylons and Language
    • Cylons and Social Relationships
    • Do We Have a Plan?
  • Amy Kind:" “I’m Sharon, but I’m a Different Sharon”: The Identity of Cylons"
    • “We Must Survive, and We Will Survive”—But How?
    • “Death Becomes a Learning Experience”
    • “I Am Sharon and That’s Part of What You Need to Understand”
    • “It’s Not Enough Just to Survive”—Or Is It?
  • Jerold J. Abrams: "Embracing the “Children of Humanity”: How to Prevent the Next Cylon War"
    • "A Holdover from the Cylon Wars"
    • The Resurrection Ship
    • The Limit on Cylon Intelligence
    • "The Cylons Send No One"
    • "The Shape of Things to Come"
  • Brian Willems: "When the Non-Human Knows Its Own Death"
    • "One Must Die to Know the truth"
    • "Prayer to the Cloud of Unknowing"
    • Bored, as in Really Bored
    • The Boxing of D'Anna Biers
Worthy of Survival: Moral Issues for Colonials and Cylons.
  • Randall M. Jensen: "The Search for Starbuck: The Needs of the Many vs. the Few"
    • Should We Stay or Should We Go Now?
    • Frak the Numbers!
    • Saving Starbuck?
    • The Mark of Cain
    • "Evil Men in the Gardens of Paradise?"
    • Sacrifice
  • Andrew Terjesen: "Resistance vs. Collaboration on New Caprica: What Would You Do?"
    • "A More Meaningful Impact"
    • "Desperate People Take Desperate Measures"
    • "An Extention of the Cylons' Corporeal Authority"
    • "We're Gonna Be There, Tyin' the Knots, Makinem Tight"
    • "A New Day Requires New Thinking"
  • George A. Dunn: "Being Boomer: Identity, Alienation, and Evil"
    • "Red, You 're an Evil Cylon"
    • "You Can't Fight Destiny"—or Can You?
    • Manichaean "Sleeper Agents"
    • "A Broken Machine Who thinks She's Human"
    • Will the Real Boomer Please Stand Up?
    • "We Should Just Go Our Seperate Ways"
  • David Roden: "Cylons in the Original Position: Limits of Posthuman Justice"
    • "How Is That Fair?
    • How Is That in Any Way Fair?"
    • "We Make Our Own Lawa Now, Our Own Justice"
    • "The Shape of Things to Come"
The Arrow, the Eye, and Earth: The Search for a (Divine?) Home.
  • Jason T. Eberl and Jennifer A. Vines: "“I Am an Instrument of God”: Religious Belief, Atheism, and Meaning"
    • "A Rational Universe Explained Through Rational Means"
    • "That Is Sin. That is Evil. And You Are Evil"
    • "You Have a Gift, Kara... And I'm Not Gonna Let You Piss That Away"
    • "The Gods Shall Lift Those Who Lift Each Other"
    • "you Have to Believe in Something"
  • Taneli Kukkonen: "God against the Gods: Faith and the Exodus of the Twelve Colonies"
    • "If This Is the Work of a Higher Power, Then They Have One Hell of a Sense of Humor"
    • "I Am God"
    • Giving Oneself Over to God
    • "Could There Be A Connection... ?"
  • David Kyle Johnson: "“A Story That Is Told Again, and Again, and Again”: Recurrence, Providence, and Freedom"
    • "We Are All Playing Our Parts"
    • "God Has a Plan for You, Gaius"
    • "Out of the Box Is Where I Live"
    • "It's Time to Make Your Choice"
  • Eric J. Silverman: "Adama’s True Lie: Earth and the Problem of Knowledge"
    • "You 're Right. There's No Earth. It's All a Legend"
    • "I'm Not a Cylon!... Maybee, But We Just Can't Take That Chance"
    • "You Have to Have Something to Live For. Let it be Earth"
Sagittarons, Capricans, and Gemenese: Different Worlds, Different Perspectives.
  • James McRae: "Zen and the Art of Cylon Maintenance"
    • "Life is a Testament to Pain": Suffering, Ignorance, and Interdependent Arising
    • "All of This Has Happened Before...": Karma and Rebirth
    • "God Has a Plan for You, Gaius": Relegion, God and KenDsis
    • "How Could Anyone Fall in Love with a Toaster?" Cylons as Persons?
  • Elizabeth F. Cooke: "“Let It Be Earth”: The Pragmatic Virtue of Hope"
    • Peirce and Adama: Hopeful Pragmatism
    • James and Roslin: Religious Hope
    • Apollo and Tyrol: Social Hope
    • Hope vs. Fear
    • "A Flawed Creation"
  • Sarah Conly: "Is Starbuck a Woman?"
    • Sarah Conly
    • What Is a Woman?
    • "I Am a Viper Pilot"
    • But Aren't Men and Women Different?
    • Crossroads
  • David Koepsell: "Gaius Baltar and the Transhuman Temptation"[2]
    • The Fall of Baltar
    • The Transhuman Temptation... Really!
    • The First and Last Temptations of Baltar
    • "There Must Be Some Way Out of Here"
  • There Are Only Twenty-Two Cylon Contributors
  • The Fleet’s Manifest

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