Battlestar Galactica: The Official Magazine

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Issue #1
Issue #1

The Official Battlestar Galactica Magazine was, as the name implies, an official publication dedicated to the Re-imagined Series. The magazine was published by Titan Magazines, who have also published official magazines for other TV series such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Alias. The magazine featured news direct from the production offices, interviews with the cast and crew, and on-set reports that take the reader behind-the-scenes of the series. The Official Battlestar Galactica Magazine was promoted as "the first and last word for all Battlestar fans". The magazine ended after only 7 issues, the reason for which has not been provided; the last issue itself makes only a small announcement about it being the final issue, despite featuring an article by Richard Hatch, which promised to be the "first of his exclusive articles for The Official Magazine".


  • In December of 2003, Titan Magazines released an official stand-alone issue dedicated to the Miniseries.
  • Most issues were released with alternate covers.

Magazine Covers