Battle of Galactica Merchandise

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Logo for Battle of Galactica, circa 1979-1980.

Battle of Galactica merchandise relating to the Universal Studios attraction of the same name consisted of the following:

Collector's Plate

1980 Edition

Beginning in 1980, the "Universal Studios California" collector's plate featured the Battle of Galactica attraction, alongside the various attractions that were a part of the Universal Studios Tour.

This monochrome ironstone china plate measures 10-inches in diameter and manufactured under license by Enco National Corporation in the United States of America. It could also double as a food plate.

1981 Edition

The 1981 edition of the plate differs from its predecessor in not only its 7-inch diameter size and use of colors, but also in construction as a purely decorative piece. It was manufactured in Korea by an unspecified company, and featured holes in the top rim at the base (or backside) of the plate, allowing a metal wire to be looped through so as to facilitate wall-hanging.

It features fewer attractions than its predecessor: Battle of Galactica, Attack of Jaws, Stunt Men in Action, and Collapsing Bridge. However, it commemorates the newest attraction introduced on 13 June 1980[1] entitled Castle Dracula.

Ink Pen

A pen commemorating the ride was available.


A pennant featuring an artistic depiction of the ride was available.


Multiple different postcards were created promoting the ride.

Snow Globe

A small, plastic snow globe with the upper-halves of two Cylon Centurions that moved via a see-sawing motion was available.

Souvenir Bag

A white plastic bag sans handles featuring "Battle of Galactica" on one side. Plastic bag measures 16 inches tall by 11.5 inches wide.

Souvenir Booklet

Souvenir booklets would show some in-depth background into the amusements and amenities of the park.


In 1987, Universal Studios offered visitors stereoscopic photo reels of various attractions for the View-Master.

Among the "Studio Tour No. 1" release were four images of the Battle of Galactica attraction on "Reel A." "A1" featured two photos depicting the tram's entrance of the attraction (erroneously titled "Tram enters Battlestar Galactica"), while "A2" depicts the laser battle inside the Cylon battle cruiser (titled "Colonial Warrior Engages in Fierce Laser Battle").

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The "Toy Polloi" presenter goes over various merchandise that survived since the ride's closure, as well as version of the "Colonial Warrior" costume made specifically for the ride. Note that the presenter made various erroneous assumptions as to how closely the attraction's costume was to the Original Series costume—as a majority of this costume displayed here was made well after the cancellation of both the Original Series and Galactica 1980. (Circa 28 March 2015.)


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