Akins Transluminal Orbital Manufacturing Facility

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The Akins Transluminal Orbital Manufacturing Facility, also known as the ATOM Facility, is a large research space station that was located near Caprica. It served as the site of a research and development complex which was used by the Caprican government in order to create warrior bots to fight in the conflict against Sagittaron in the years prior to the Cylon War. The facility was headed by Commander Ben Tanner who was charged with researching a way to get the machines to kill Human life whilst not turning against their creators.

As the project continued, the facility came under a commando raid by the Sagittarons who jumped into the region and deployed boarding parties before the ships escaped. The assault force included technicians who were tasked with spinning the FTL drives and jump the entire facility into Sagittaron space. Using combat robots of their own that suffered from the same flaw in their programming, the Sagittaron force overwhelmed the Caprican defenders. However, Tanner's personal robot Isak managed to overcome its programming and killed the invaders that threatened his masters life. This allowed Tanner to save half the facility whilst the other half was jumped away. Whilst part of the manufacturing complex was lost, the more critical research facility on the port side remained in Caprican hands. (Battlestar Galactica: Cylon War 2).