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**[[Battlestar Wiki:Standards and Conventions/de:Battlestar Wiki:Standards und Konventionen]]
**[[Battlestar Wiki:Standards and Conventions/de:Battlestar Wiki:Standards und Konventionen]]
**[[33/es:33]] - (overview, summary, notes, and important dialogue translated)
**[[Water/es:Agua]] - (overview and summary translated)
**[[Water/es:Agua]] - (overview and summary translated)
*日本語 (Japanese)
*日本語 (Japanese)
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*[[Viper 0205/de:Viper 0205]]-German
*[[Viper 0205/de:Viper 0205]]-German
*[[Viper 0205/es:Viper 0205]]-Spanish
*[[Viper 0205/es:Viper 0205]]-Spanish
*[[Viper 0205/jp:ヴィパー 0205]] - Should I be keeping the title completely in English, like the other languages?  I haven' tso far because Japanese uses a completely different character system.  I would appreciate any suggestions.
*[[Viper 0205/jp:ヴィパー 0205]] - 日本語
**I think the appropriate translation for Viper would be ヴィパー. It is, after all, an English name.
== Templates Translated ==
== Templates Translated ==

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BSG WIKI Project.png This page is one of Battlestar Wiki's many projects.
This page serves to coordinate discussion on a particular aspect of this Wiki. The formal recommendations of a project may be treated as policies.

This project deals with converting articles from the Battlestar Wiki into other languages.


Presently, all of the content on this wiki is in english -- American english, to be specific. We have people who view this Wiki from other countries, as far away as Europe. And likely further.

Therefore, this is a formal effort to recruit mutli-lingual contributors and organize these contributors to translate our documents in other languages.

How to Begin

Since we don't (yet) have a setup similar to Wikipedia (where Wikipedia has individal German, Italian, and Spanish editions of Wikipedia), here is how translated articles can be added.

To begin, create a subpage of the article you wish to translate. For instance, let's say you were going to tackle the article on The Fleet and translate it into Spanish. Here's how you would begin:

  • In the search box, type in:
    The Fleet/es:La Flota
  • Press "Go". Select "create this article" option.
  • Begin translating the article. Once done, list the article on this page under Articles Translated.

Once there are a growing number of articles, Joe will then set up an invidiual BSG Wiki for that language. (i.e. de.battlestarwiki.org for German BSG Wiki, et al.).


Contributors to this project may be added here. Please include the languages you would be interested in translating our documents to, as well as your level of expertise in said language.

  • Steelviper 09:57, 27 January 2006 (EST) - Spanish, 4 years of Spanish and a year of Latin (a long time ago)
  • Talos 20:46, 31 January 2006 (EST) -German, 3 years of German plus mother is a German major and a BSG fan. Can also help a little with Russian, and others.
  • Leoben_Conoy 20:49 02 February 2006 (TST) - Spanish, 7 years plus foreign exchange to South America (Fluent, but a bit rusty); 2 years of Japanese (some conversational ability, minimal writing/reading ability)
  • $traight-$hoota – native German
  • Karoshi 11:22, 2 February 2006 (EST) - French, it's my native language.
  • --Zareck Rocks 21:23, 2 February 2006 (EST) Two years of Japanese, but a little rusty. I do have people that could help me edit for grammar though so I'm onboard for that.

Articles Needing Translation

Obviously our eventual goal is to have just about everything translated. Rather than listing every page here, this can be used to request critical pages for translators to focus on.

Articles in Progress

Articles that have begun the translation process. They could use more content translated or another eye to look at it (or both).

Articles Translated

List all articles that have been translated here. Also include the language that they were translated in.

Templates Translated