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Sample Code

{{flag | FLAGCODE | size= | notext= | border=  }}


  • FLAGCODE: This must be included. For possible values, see the table below.


  • size: Set in px the size of the flag you want. This can be anything as the flags are SVG files.
  • notext: Remove all text that shows up, by default, after the flag.
  • border: Set to Y to add a border.


Flag Table
Code Outputs Example Code
AU AUS {{Flag|AU}}
BE[1] BEL {{Flag|BE}}
CA CAN {{Flag|CA}}
DE[1] DE {{Flag|DE}}
EE[1] EST {{Flag|EE}}
ES ES {{Flag|ES}}
FI FIN {{Flag|FI}}
FR FR {{Flag|FR}}
HT Earth {{Flag|HT}}
IL IL {{Flag|IL}}
IRL IRL {{Flag|IRL}}
IT IT {{Flag|IT}}
JP JP {{Flag|JP}}
MY MY {{Flag|MY}}
NL NL {{Flag|NL}}
NO NOR {{Flag|NO}}
NZ NZ {{Flag|NZ}}
PH PH {{Flag|PH}}
PL PL {{Flag|PL}}
SA SA {{Flag|SA}}
SE SWE {{Flag|SE}}
SW SW {{Flag|SW}}
TR TR {{Flag|TR}}
UK UK {{Flag|UK}}
UN[2] UN {{Flag|UN}}
US USA {{Flag|US}}
USUK[3] US/UK {{Flag|USUK}}
ZH ZH {{Flag|ZH}}


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 For the BE, DE, and EE flags, border=Y is assumed. If you don't want a border, use {{country flag|Code}}
  2. This is the flag of the United Nations.
  3. To be used only for showing the English Language.