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This article has a separate continuity.
This article is in a separate continuity, which is related to the Original Series. Be sure that your contributions to this article reflect the characters and events specific to this continuity only.

This article covers the various depictions of the Original Series' Doctor Wilker from the tie-in novelizations, comic books, and other media.

Wilker as depicted in the Marvel comics.


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Wilker in the primary continuity

Marvel comics

Following the destruction and exodus from the Colonies, Dr. Wilker constructs a prototype robotic daggit in a maintenance lab aboard Rising Star in light of the fact that no biological daggits survived the assault. At Apollo's urging, Boxey is given Wilker's first prototype daggit, named Muffey II, which Wilker programs to respond to Boxey from data given by Apollo (Exodus!).

Wilker also maintains the memory inducer, with Cassiopeia as his aide, while Adama uses it to remember what he saw at Kobol (All Things Past and Present).

Maximum Press comics

Doctor Wilker is the residential electronics and engineering expert on Galactica.

His team is tasked with the maintenance and control of the temporal overdrive, which Wilker has studied since its installation in 7347 (War of Eden 1, The Enemy Within 2).

After a Cylon attack paralyzed Wilker in 7357, Wilker became obsessed with androids and the ability to transfer a human consciousness into a human simulacrum. He successfully does so by 7362, with his memory and essence transferred in a cybernetic brain. Fortunately, his body and brain manage to survive after Ares, a Cylon agent, overloads the temporal overdrive, attacking Wilker before doing so. The recording of this attack is retrieved by Salik, which reveals Ares's true nature (The Enemy Within 3).