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Valance, being interrogated.
(Credit: Sky One)

Played by: Alex Zahara

Valance was an assassin (presumably from Sagittaron) who might have had connections with Tom Zarek. All indications lead to his professionalism due to his expertise in sneaking a ceramic gun past the X-ray scanners. It is likely that his intended target was President Roslin, seeing as all the events she was to attend were circled in Valance's briefcase (which itself was constructed with a compartment that concealed the gun and was impervious to X-rays).

He was captured shortly after it was discovered that he had a gun. (A stroke of luck, seeming that a bar room brawl caused his briefcase to be knocked over, and the gun falling out.) Captain Lee Adama and Lieutenant Kara Thrace interrogated him with less that conventional methods, which got nowhere. It was hoped that Zarek would be involved, so as to discredit him from obtaining the Vice Presidency of the Colonies.

He was killed by an unknown party during his incarceration aboard the Cloud Nine, the assassin apparently sneaking into the room via the air duct.

Zarek commented to Roslin that he did not know who would have killed Valance. (Colonial Day)