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== Welcome to Battlestar Wiki! ==
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Welcome to the Wiki, Eirikur. Tell us about yourself on [[User:Eirikur|your user page]]. We have a [[Template:User Data|template]] that lets you put some information about yourself in a nice-looking box.
Battlestar Wiki is an encyclopedia on '''officially-licensed stories, aired episodes, and other products of the ''Battlestar'' universes.''' Make sure that your contributions fit [[Battlestar Wiki:What is Battlestar Wiki|Battlestar Wiki's purpose]], avoiding [[BW:NOT|what we aren't]].
Our [[BW:SAC|editing standards and conventions policies]] may differ from other wikis, especially in verb tense and voice, capitalization and the like. '''Please read this policy.''' We have [[BW:TUT|an editing tutorial]] and [[BW:MARK|wiki markup codes]] to help you.
Our policies on [[w:Original research|original research]] differ from places such as Wikipedia. We allow [[BW:CJ#Derived Content|some research based on aired episode content]], but don't allow [[BW:FANW|speculation that isn't supported from episode events]].
Battlestar Wiki's [[Battlestar Wiki:Project List|many projects]] help improve our content. Are you an [[Original Series]] fan? Help out in the [[Battlestar Wiki:Original Series Article Development Project|Original Series Article Project]]. [[Battlestar Wiki:Translation Project|Non-English versions of Battlestar Wiki]] also need contributors, and helpers for our [[BW:POD|podcast transcriptions]] are also welcome. New projects should be brought to our [[BW:TANK|Think Tank]], where we hash out large-scale ideas before implementing them.
Any questions about an article can be entered on the article's talk page. General questions about the wiki can be brought to [[Battlestar Wiki:Wikipedian Quorum|the Quorum]] or [[Battlestar Wiki:Administrators' noticeboard|the administrators' noticeboard]].  To sign your posts on any talk page, just enter four tildes (~<!---->~~<!---->~)!
We look forward to your contributions to the community!
--[[User:JubalHarshaw|JubalHarshaw]] 12:48, 8 May 2007 (CDT)

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