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|children=Lillian, Caroline, and Gideon
|callsign =
|callsign =
|marital status=Married
|marital status=Married

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This user is away
Name Matt Williams
Date of birth
Age 39
Location Springfield, MO
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Gmail/GTalk steelviper
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Twitter {{{twitter}}}
Children Lillian, Caroline, and Gideon
Marital Status Married
Occupation Father
SOK-Pip.png Star of Kobol
Steelviper is a Chief
Steelviper is a Senior Chief
Steelviper supported the 2007 WGA strike.

Centurion haiku[edit]

glowing red eyes pulse
objective: no survivors
shiny deathbringers

Battestarwiki Projects[edit]

TOS Improvement Project[edit]

Working on the Featured Episode todo's:

Who's your daddy?

"The Man with Nine Lives" is the current featured episode. Contributors are encouraged to watch the featured episode and update its episode summary and help work on the episode's to do list.

I have watched this featured episode.

Podcast Transcripts[edit]

I've done a few podcast transcripts. I'd appreciate it if somebody would verify those.

Development Pages[edit]

Experimental pages or pages in development that aren't ready for the main namespaces (yet).

Future Projects[edit]

  • TOS nitpicks - a neat link I found looking for Red Squadron info.

Steelviper's Thoughts[edit]

Pages in my userspace where I reflect on wiki or BSG stuff.

Personal Records[edit]

  • 1 mile: 5:33.41 - August 13, 2007

Origin of Nickname[edit]

"A truly fearsome beast, the great viper of Arcadia possesses strength and tenacity unmatched by any other predator on that world. It coils around its prey in a crushing embrace, then finishes its kill with a deadly poison. The warriors of the Clan I name Steel Viper show remarkable tenacity in battle and in their service to our great mission. May they continue to serve with unshakable faith, and may their opponents learn to fear the fangs of the Steel Vipers."
-- From Birth of a New Society: The Collected Writings of Nicholas Kerensky, Strana Mechty Press, 3025

Cage Fighter[edit]

I'm training to be a cage fighter.