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{{User Data|
{{User Data|
|name= Chris
|name= Chris
|age= 26
|age= 27
|callsign= Spike
|callsign= Spike
|countrycode= PL
|countrycode= PL

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This user is away
Name Chris
Date of birth
Age 27
Location {{{location}}}
Country PL PL
Timezone {{{timezone}}}
Email {{{email}}}
Gmail/GTalk {{{gmail}}}
AIM {{{aim}}}
ICQ {{{icq}}}
Twitter {{{twitter}}}
Callsign Spike
Parents {{{parents}}}
Siblings {{{siblings}}}
Children {{{children}}}
Marital Status {{{marital status}}}
Occupation Editor / Proofreader
Rank {{{rank}}}
SOK-Pip.png Star of Kobol
Spike is a Chief
Spike is a Senior Chief
Spike supported the 2007 WGA strike.

My user ID is taken from Spike Spiegel, central character of my favourite anime, "Cowboy Bebop". While I may add a few words here and there, I'd rather avoid writing large parts of material. The reason is quite simple: I'm not a native English speaker.
Anyway, I hope I could be of help here sometimes. Feel free to correct my English and to show me what I'm doing wrong.