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Concerning religion of the cylons and the colonies.

Keeping Ron Moore's twists and turns from the original series I would like to suggest that the Lords of Kobol and the "jealous" god, are for all intensive purposes the Cylons. They are modeled after and therefore more directly linked to the deities say than Adama is "being Zeus" among the humans. So much so that specific units have become avatars, perhaps posessed of a lord or at the very least evolving an actual soul in likeness of a lord.

12 cylons = 12 olympians Final Five - Temple of Five

The mystery of the final five hints to them being something other that the existing models. Perhaps these five could not be replicated like the others because of their conflict with the cylon god.

Clearly a more human "being" is developing in Deana in her search for enlightenment, in Caprica in her search for Love and in Sharon in her self acceptance. With Deanna the search for enlightenment became so overpweing the entire line was boxed. With Sharon it's almost as if the humanity Boomer clung to has moved to Agathon. Boomer is not the woman that would not leave her human apartment after resurrecting, but both have in their own fashion esentially accepted who they are. Caprica appears in a constant state of conflict that many humans will relate to, while her etherial counterpart is the self assured herald of her cylon maker.

For all the pagan references in the original series we still had Count Iblis and the ship of lights taking on very familliar christan concepts of angels and satan. Nothing is ever quite that black and white in the reimagined series.

While the reference has been fleeting, the notion of a god outside the Lords of Kobol is clear, and he would be the cylons god. Dodona Selloi seems to refer to the cylon god as nothing more or less than a lord of kobol. My thought is that somehow this jealous god has sort of ensnared the likeness perhaps even conciousness of the lords in creating the cylon race, so closely that single copies become avatars of the lords. The final five could be so possesed that they are not part of the cylon race, refusing the mechanations of the cylon god. Others an avatar is what we see developing in Sharon, Deanna and Caprica.

And even the cylon god, the Count Iblis whose voice was that of the imperious leader in the original series has a model: Brother Cavel. Cavel is horribly wicked, he is always urging his fellow cylons to the most horrific of actions. He appears out of nowhwere all the time. And yet, strangely, he seems to honor the importance of free will in his dealings with his brother cylons, something you would expect of an Abrahamic god. He's not Satan then who would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven, he is just far more satanic or evil than any characterization offered by a member of a known pantheon of gods.

Yet another twist, If the Abrahmic god were competing with beings like himself (greek gods), how satanic might he appear? An abrahamic god accepts free will: I can't make you worship me. But is flawed like miltons Satan, if you don't worship me , your damned. Satan's flaw in paradise lost was saying better to rule in hell than serve in heaven. What he should have said was better to live free on earth not rule in hell. So Cavel is a marvelous blend of an Abrahamic God & Satan floating through space in a base ship with 7 of 12 would be Olympians. Caprica/ Aphrodite, Sharon Athena and Deanna/Hestia(?). Starbuck/Artemis is the next to come forward?

Adama and Laura as Zeus and Hera? Two reason for two of the final five to stay where they are. They have human avatars leading the fleet. Three male cylons just go with the flow, well the male gods were always kind of boring anyway. At least if your a fan of Wonder Woman.

The twist from original series to re-imagined series are always surprising and wonderful in many ways. In the world of Sci Fi televison, the original Galactica made huge advances by considering the existence of higher beings. Where would the Ancients of Stargate or the Vorlons of Babylon be without Battlestar Galactica? Will we see actual communion with higher beings in the re-imagined series? I don't expect to. It would gnaw at the the gritty realism of the show.

The idea of this entire exodus from the colonies seeking earth, unifying to a new Kobol, then breaking off back to earth and the colonies over and over seems entirely plausible. Gods are at the very least real in a metaphoirical sense and 12 cylon models living in peace with a vast race of humans on new a Kobol in the end sounds far more believeable than actual gods and godesses co-existing with man. ESTR