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Earth is by far the closest planet to live our eternity under a new 
sun, in a new world - a world you don't deserve, a paradise your
kind treats like a toilet. You're all vermin, a plague this planet
can do well without.
— Quinn, War of the Worlds (episode "The Prodigal Son")

Moving link

I'm new to how this site works, and unforunately, especially with being low on time, I can't seem to find how to correct something on the Main Page. It's a external link citation for the Ask Ausiello page at TV Guide's website. The link posted is the updated section that pushes back news items each time its update. The location of the text cited can be found here. I can't seem to find out how or where to edit it and can find no information as to where I can submit to it the powers-that-be, or any of their advocates, for change. So on the fakking whim that anyone looks here for a peek, I've posted it here in hopes that its seen by those that know the way. If nothing is changed by the time the news item on the main page has dissolved, then I'll take this out as well, and this can be chalked up as another bad memory. ---So says the god of war