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Introduced Galactica 1980 #1
Death 1980 C.E., killed after Galactica's crash on Earth (Galactica 1980 1)
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Children Apollo† (eldest son), Athena (daughter), Zac† (son)
Marital Status Widowed; Ila† (wife)
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Role Commander, Galactica
Rank Commander
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Adama is a Cylon
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For the canonical character from which this character is based, see: Adama (1980).

Adama is commander of Galactica and military leader of the Colonial Fleet, during his leadership of the Fleet, he notes its continued deterioration and general malaise of the survivors. Near the end of their journey to Earth, Adama tires of maintaining a strong, optimistic demeanor in public and contemplates suicide, before being summoned by Doctor Zee to Rising Star regarding the discovery of Earth.

During the journey, Adama and Zee have a strained relationship over how Zee appears to treat Adama, in addition to Zee's unmentioned "experiments" on people, which reached its zenith upon deciding how to best approach the members of the Thirteenth Tribe. Enraged at Zee's recommendation that the Colonials forcibly establish order on the planet due to their primitive state, Adama pleads with the Quorum of Twelve to establish peaceful contact with the humans on Earth. Adama solicits their agreement, only to lead to Galactica's destruction at the hands of the United States of America's military. Adama dies seeing the sunlight of Earth from a large crack in Galactica's bulkhead (Galactica 1980 1).