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Triton is a Colonial battlestar, destroyed during the Cylon Holocaust in both series.

New Series

The name of a battlestar, featuring integrated command and control systems, and featuring Dr. Gaius Baltar's Command Navigation Program (CNP). She is reported as lost, along with the Columbia and Solaria.

In 33, Sharon calls Crashdown "a refugee from Triton," not "from the Triton", suggesting there may be also a settlement named "Triton."


  1. According to information released by Zoic, the Triton was one of the second batch of seven battlestars constructed at the time of the Cylon War, the others being: Solaria, Pacifica, Acropolis, Prometheus, Argo and Poseidon.
  2. During the opening of the Mini-Series, Aaron Doral states that the Battlestar Galactica is the "last of her kind". This would suggest that:
    • Either the Triton mentioned later in the mini-series may have been built much later than the original twelve battlestars, possibly as a replacement vessel
    • Or Doral was simply making a point that the Galactica is the only remaining battlestar with non-integrated systems

The Original Series

File:5 battlestars.jpg
5 Battlestars at Cimtar (credit: Universal / ABC)

Though not specifically seen on screen, the name of the Triton is mentioned in connection when the Cylons attack on the fleet at Cimtar (Saga of a Star World), along with the Acropolis and Pacifica - so it can be assumed that these three were the three unnamed battlestars seen with the Atlantia and Galactica' at Cimtar.

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