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Template talk:Succession box

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Revision as of 17:19, 27 March 2006 by April Arcus (talk | contribs)
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I have a plan to enable the use of spoiler tags within this system and still retain the consistancy offered by the s-bef, s-ttl and s-aft sub-templates. Essentially, four templates will be available for use in between {{start box}} and {{end box}}:

  • {{succession box}} behaves exactly as this template does currently.
  • {{succession box (spoiler)}} hides the entire section behind a spoiler tag.
  • {{succession box (spoiler-bef)}} hides the predecessor.
  • {{succession box (spoiler-aft)}} hides the successor.

I will be implementing this presently, and will try to avoid disrupting existing operations. Please feel free to ask any questions below. --Peter Farago 11:19, 27 March 2006 (CST)