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To be used for terms defined in such lists as List of terms (TOS), List of terms (RDM), et al. Basically acts as an anchor, so that redirects can bring the user to the right term, instead of the section that term is in -- if applicable.



Required parameters

  • 1: (ID) The short, unique id for the term so that it can be passed off as a link, which should not have spaces. If you need a space between two words, use the underscore character (_). For example, Encyclopedia Galactica has a term for "Cygnus", with the id of "Cygnus", which can be linked to in other article like so:
    [[Encyclopedia Galactica#Cygnus|Cygnus]]
  • 2: (Term) The term you are defining. This can have spaces.

Optional parameters

  • bold: Turns on or off the option for the term to be bold faced. By default, the term is boldfaced.
    • To turn off the boldface, simply add N (uppercase "n") to the template