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'''One-Shot Warriors:''' [[Nyby]]
'''One-Shot Warriors:''' [[Nyby]]
'''Maytoria Resistance:''' [[Danle]] {{!}} {{Freg}} {{!}} [[Stadra Ah Mun]] {{!}} [[Srep]] {{!}}  
'''Maytoria Resistance:''' [[Danle]] {{!}} [[Freg]] {{!}} [[Stadra Ah Mun]] {{!}} [[Srep]] {{!}}  
'''Maytoria Survivors:''' [[Jatu]]
'''Maytoria Survivors:''' [[Jatu]]

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This template allows for the inclusion of a navigational infobox to be used on pages where subjects related to the same comic book series can be easily cross-referenced by readers.


{{comics subjects|title}}


Titles are as follows: