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*<nowiki>{{age|1989|7|23|2003|7|14}}</nowiki> gives {{age|1989|7|23|2003|7|14}}
*<nowiki>{{age|1988|7|23|2003|7|14}}</nowiki> gives {{age|1988|7|23|2003|7|14}}
*<nowiki>{{age|1989|7|23}}</nowiki> gives {{age|1989|7|23}}
*<nowiki>{{age|1988|7|23}}</nowiki> gives {{age|1988|7|23}}
[[Category:Mathematical templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[Category:Mathematical templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]

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This template returns the number of full years between two dates, or between a specified date and today (UTC).

  • {{age|1988|7|23|2003|7|14}} gives 14
  • {{age|1988|7|23}} gives 33