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Helps clean up errant spaces after piping a link to remove anything ensconced in parentheses, e.g. "Pegasus (episode)." It is used in such templates as: Template:TRS, Template:TOS, Template:ComicLine, and the like.

What this fixes

If using the regular "explode" expression to remove the parenthetical, e.g. "Pegasus (episode)", you'll get "Pegasus ", leaving an unsightly space between "Pegasus" and the end quotation mark.


{{#explode:Pegasus (episode)|(|0}}, an episode of the [[Re-imagined Series]].

Would print: Pegasus , an episode of the Re-imagined Series.

To fix the above example, one would then use this template thusly:

{{0|Pegasus (episode)}}, an episode of the [[Re-imagined Series]].

Would print: Pegasus, an episode of the Re-imagined Series.