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On 11 October, the Patriot Resource reported:

Adama and Caroline split after he received his first command. Lee indicates that she turned on him and Zak. Adama seems surprised, but Lee points out that Caroline was already pregnant with him when she and Adama got married. [This implies that they may not have married out of love and that she might blame Lee's conception for the unhappy marriage.]

If this report is correct, it contradicts what we have learned about William Adama's early years in the episodes "Act of Contrition" and "Scattered". To wit:

  • Two women have been named as Adama's wife - Caroline Adama, in "Act of Contrition", identified as Lee and Zak's mother, and Anne Adama, in "Scattered", referred to as William's "new wife" in a flashback scene set 20 years prior to the series (and presuming Lee Adama is meant to be in his late 20s/early 30s, well after his birth).
  • It is stated in "Scattered" that Adama still aspires to his own command - he only achieved it during his second stint in the Colonial Fleet, with the help of Anne's father.
  • This report, however, seems to indicate that William and Caroline were still together when Adama received his first command, and makes no mention of Anne.